Scott & Lisa K. - Vancouver, WA

My wife and I live out of state, so I had to interview realtors by phone in order to sell our rental house. My priority was to find a realtor who knew how to maximize our profit and was willing to oversee any repairs requested by the buyer. After a 45-minute phone interview with Steve, I hired him to list and sell our house.

The kitchen needed to have the stove replaced, and we found a "like new" used stove from a dealer whose delivery schedule was backlogged for two weeks. So, Steve picked it up himself and brought it to our house! After the buyer's inspection was completed, Steve handled the hiring and supervision of the contractors needed to address the inspection issues.

He made sure the work was completed in time for a Dec 31 close, which was challenging due to the holidays. Steve has great business instincts and negotiating skills. His creative pricing strategy got us multiple offers and maximized the sale price of the house. Moreover, he provided a detailed cost-benefit analysis to help us decide which offer to accept. He is responsive, does great follow-up and has a no-nonsense approach to doing business.

If you want results without excuses, hire Steve.

Steve & Dorothy B. - Vancouver, WA

Steve Milford is one of the best realtors ever. He was thoughtful, considerate, and professional to the nth degree.

We needed to sell our home urgently and Steve took on that sense of urgency, but tempered it with reality, making sure we knew the situations plainly and truthfully. He also stood up for us as if the house was his and he had a determination to represent us honestly.

Steve's greatest quality, and most important to me, was his integrity. He acted with it in all that he did from start to finish. If you want a person who acts honestly, professionally, and with a constant level of integrity, then Steve Milford is the person you should hire.

Tom M - Vancouver, WA

I tried to sell this for a while on my own, then used a different Realtor before Steve. That other Realtor didn't work out, yet Steve got it done!

David R. - Tigard, OR

Steve was quick to respond and brainstorm creative ways to close this transaction. There were a lot of moving parts and multiple homes in the same community listed at the same time. He got me over the asking price and made the entire process simple and hassle-free.

Bill N. - Vancouver, WA

Steve did a great job. Attentive, easy to contact, and responsive. Great experience. Use him if you need a Realtor!

Stephen & Julie B - Woodland, WA

Steve was great at pinpointing our needs for our family. He showed us the homes we wanted to see. Really enjoyed his personality and his professionalism... would definitely recommend his services and plan on referring him to others. Thank you soooooo much Steve for your help.

Kristi W. - Vancouver, WA

Steve is restructuring the real estate industry one agent at a time. He offers an ala carte menu of services, making it possible for clients to select the marketing tools they prefer, plus accepting a discounted commission compared to the industry. All of which puts the seller in charge of their process without compromising service.

I found Steve to be very knowledgeable, extremely industrious, accessible, willing to answer any and all questions, analytical and creative in addressing problems, and bull-doggish in representing my interests.

At the end of the process, I made a friend. I could not be happier with the service I received from Steve and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of Real Estate services.

Krista S. - Camas, WA

I had my home as a FSBO in only Zillow for a very long time, yet Steve's service allowed us to get a Buyer, which allowed us to move on!

Vlad & Nadia - Gresham, OR

Highly recommend Steve as a realtor. He was really knowledgeable about the whole process and was always one step ahead of everything. He took the time to explain the process and what to expect every step of the way, he thoroughly explained every document. Selling our house with Steve was truly a really positive and easy experience. He always gave us more than enough notice if someone was interested in looking at the house, did an open house, and was there from start to finish.

John & Wendy K. - Vancouver, WA

As a first-time homebuyer, all I can say is that Steve helped way too much, meaning he is there [for] whatever questions you have, he has answers to or he will let you know from (experience), especially if you don't get the information from your loan officer. Steve is there for you! Steve is easy-going and friendly and very kind!!! He made it easy for us to buy our first home!

Rebecca W. - Salem, OR

I am grateful to pay less in mortgage than my last apartment's rent. I wish for everyone the chance at a little home just their size and just the price they can pay. I wish everyone a chance at a safe place to live. I wish for all allowance for creativity, kindly neighbor relations, and a patch for a tree. I never thought it would happen for me - being a single mom. Everyone told me, "NO," but Steve helped me find "YES." I am thankful.