Hello, my name is Steve Milford, and I am a full-service Realtor and home advertiser serving the SW Washington & Portland, OR Metro area.

Prior to becoming a Realtor, in 2014-2015, I was going through a divorce and wanted to sell my home for maximum profit. Like, who doesn't want that, lol?

But through the interview process of talking with many Realtors, I found that most of them told me, "You can't do that," or "No that won't work." They wouldn't even consider my ideas. Now, if you know me, you know that I dislike hearing can't.

As I kept interviewing more and more Realtors, I just became disgusted because most say "can't" - a LOT. Or, they just didn't want to take a chance. Then I went to go buy a house (before becoming a Realtor) and started asking, "Can we write an offer with <this or that>?" And again I received, "You can't do that," or "No, that won't work."

So, that meant only one thing! That I had to become a Realtor that says, "Yes, that is something to try!" Or, "Yes we can!"

I look to solve the problem first. In that way, I am more like a Project Manager and Financial Advisor than a salesperson. I look for savings for my clients while providing education, so my clients can make the best decision possible. Sometimes the best decision is NOT to buy or sell a home at this time, and if it works out that way, so be it!

  • For Sellers:

    • I don't care how much a house needs to be repaired, it still can be listed.

    • I don't care that there is clutter, it still can be listed.

    • I am open to showing Sellers ways to increase value AND pay less in commissions! A double whammy!

  • For Buyers:

    • I am open to showing Buyers how to find instant equity.

    • I am flexible with showings.

    • I am partners with lenders that help all Buyers, even those that offer down-payment assistance.

  • For all, in my own and client contracts I have experience with:

      • Manufactured homes in parks

      • Manufactured homes on real land

      • For-Sale-By-Owners

      • Land by itself

      • Fixer-uppers

      • Foreclosed homes

      • Regular ole homes

      • Condos

      • Attached homes

      • Homes with solar panels

      • Switching lenders mid-transaction

      • Down-payment assistance programs

      • Hard money loans

      • Cash-only properties

      • Creative financing

      • Working with and without contingencies

      • Multi-family properties and so much more!

For all my clients:

#1 – I became a Realtor to be a smarter investor and landlord, not for a “job”.

#2 – I provide the straight scoop, and follow the same advice I preach.

#3 – I don't ask my clients to do anything I haven't tried.

#4 – I don't tell my clients what to do, I educate them and let clients make their own choices!

My past experience includes 20+ years of helping clients with products and services, and an MBA in Project Management.

I treat my client’s $$$ as my own and dislike spending it.

I am also a certified Washington Home Buyer Instructor and help people who need down-payment assistance programs!

Let me know how I can help you! Feel free to call or text my cell at 503-753-7015.