Seller Services

My Goal = Help Sellers Keep More $$$$$

Everyone has their own reasons to sell how they want to sell. I don't see that I need to dictate what people do or don't do. My job is to facilitate, NOT dictate!

#1, tip! Put the home into the RMLS, the listing will get thousands of more eyeballs on it as it is pushed to 99% of the real estate websites - essentially in one step! Homes sell fastest with this step versus any other strategy!

So I offer the service I would want if I was helping my family, either traditional retail sales, connecting with investors, or fighting off the flippers. Let me help you keep more $$$$$.

My clients have included builders, other Realtors, and regular people looking to keep more of their money.

Wrap-Around Services (In-Person & Local)

(OR & WA)

Service Options:

  • Traditional Representation: Where Steve markets the property and another Realtor brings a buyer.

  • Dual-Agency: Steve finds an unrepresented Buyer through his marketing.

  • Project Management: Seller finds their own Buyer and wants Steve to perform project management and transaction coordination to manage the contract, the title company, provide forms, etc. No representation or negotiation advice is provided.

  • Marketing Only: Seller wants to find their own Buyer and doesn't want Steve's help with anything else.

  • Landscaping: Lawn mow and blow, and other property management services.

  • Sub-contractor management: If a home needs repair, I can help manage contractors.


  • Free initial consultation.

  • Listing into the RMLS (once in the RMLS, it is fed onto sites such as Zillow, trulio,, KellerWilliams, JohnLScott, and all the regional websites):

    • Unlimited edits.

    • Unlimited listing time frame (one month, one year, or more, up to Sellers).

    • Disclosure forms are included with all options.


  • HDR photographs.

  • Maximum allowed (currently 32 in RMLS).


  • Custom sign listing website for the property and QR code on the sign if wanted & on flyers.

  • Advice provided (depending on the package chosen).

  • Facilitation of showings and feedback solicited from agents (depending on the package chosen).

  • Unlimited open house advertising, hosted by either an agent or owner.

  • Weekly updates of the surrounding market activity of competitors to help Sellers make the best decisions possible.

  • Postcard Blast, showcasing the listing surrounding up to 1/2 mile to neighbors.

  • RMLS Lock Box, accessible by other Realtors.

Once a contract is accepted:

  • Negotiation advice is provided (depending on the package chosen).

  • Transaction coordination between Buyer and Seller, with the lender, with title company utilizing common forms (depending on the package chosen).

  • Electronic signatures.

Cancellable any time (prior to accepted offer).

Fees (paid at closing unless otherwise noted).