Buyer Services

I help all Buyers, including first-timers or anyone else needing lots of education.

I help you find the home you want - not what someone else thinks you should buy. Many of my clients, were previously told, "buy this - buy that." No, buy what you want!

My clients have bought investment properties, ready-to-move-in, land, manufactured homes on land, manufactured homes in parks, flips, and homes with instant equity.

My style is that I never tell people what to do - I educate, so people can make informed decisions.

Let me know how I can help.

Here is my process!

  • You and I connect on a face-to-face level. Either we meet in person (preferred) by video in Zoom or Duo.

  • Get pre-approved with a lender. If you don't have one, here are a few I have worked with on many occasions!

  • You tell me which homes you want more research on, and then we view homes.

  • As we find a home you like, I write the offer.

  • If the offer is accepted, then you put down the earnest money.

  • Perform the inspection process of the home.

  • Loan application and approval process.

  • Get homeowners insurance.

  • The title company collects details and handles the money.

  • Once all is approved, the buyer inspects the property for the final walk-through.

  • Documents are signed.

  • Documents are sent to the lender for funding.

  • Once the title transfer has been recorded with the county, Buyers can get their keys and turn on their utilities.

Let me know how I can help.

Some programs that may help:

  • Lease to Own Program (or contact me for more information)

  • Down-Payment Assistance (contact me for more information)